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Agile Communication

Communication is the underlying thread that connects all the moving parts of the buyer/seller journey.

The Ability to “connect” with buyers forms the foundation for a positive and meaningful dialogue and relationship. To do this, buyers need to be heard and we need to listen. By observing and aligning to the buyers dominant behavior style we can accurately fine tune are messaging, amplify sales engagement and maximize sales outcomes.

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A buyer persona will help us target are messaging towards the right audience. However this message, which ultimately is the reason they should buy from us, can be either positively received or miss the target completely based on how we package the message. Learning how to use communication agility helps us tune our message to the buyer’s personal communication style.

It’s not always what you say; it’s how you say it!

A relationship with one person does not automatically set the stage for a successful relationship with another. DISC research shows that an individuals’ social interaction will tend to fall into one of four dominant personality styles.

Incorporating the DISC methodology into our personal communications during selling allows us to better anticipate each unique buyer’s behavioral style; how they will react in conversation, process’s information and build trust with us and others. Applying this we can then adapt our active listening and messaging skills for optimal sales agility.

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Key Service Deliverables

Understand your buyer’s natural behaviour and adapt your communication to fit it.


Package your message in a way that will resonate with prospects and buyers.

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Focus and adjust to buyer behavioral personality styles to break down the prospects mental barriers and have your story heard during the selling process.

Break through prospects mental barriers to improve sales engagement.

Develop more influential relationships with customers.

wht a amiable wants, momentum selling
presenting to an analytic, momentum selling

Reduce emotional conflict and stress during objections.

Improve delivery Confidence.

The ability to interact effectively and build relationships with people is a catalyst to peak performance. Every person is unique and must be sold to, managed, motivated, communicated with, and supported in a way that capitalizes on their strengths.

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