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High Performance Leader - Communication Excellence

Becoming a high-performance sales leader is much more than knowing the numbers or being the person who can come in and close the big deal. Peak Performance Systems has indentified 19 sales Leader core competencies. However, when we consolidate all of these down to their fundamental power components we get the following:

Great sales leaders drive optimal performance through the execution of impactful and powerful communication and motivation strategies.

Our 3-pillar Communication Excellence program is designed to generate team momentum by empowering sales leaders with stronger skills and processes to:

Set the Sales Direction

In order to succeed, people need to know what is expected of them. Learn how to set and clearly communicate expectations and requirements. To be motivated and inspired, sales people need clear direction of where they are going and how they will get there.

Implement Communication Cadence & Structure

Create a consistent 2-way communication loop to create accountability of your team. Develop and execute an optimal frequency & cadence for team interactions. Get the most out of formal and informal coaching opportunities by consistently leveraging touch points and messaging.

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Develop Communication Fluency

Develop awareness of your personal management & communication style and how to adjust it to effectively influence across different situations and/or individuals. Learn to recognize different styles within your team and adapt your communication for optimal motivation and success.

 Leaders learn to leverage their own personal communication and influence style to create a team culture that allows for feedback, trust, reinforcement and continuous improvement.


Mastering the 3 pillars of communication excellence will allow leaders to establish a strong management framework and a team built on motivation and accountability.

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Training Methods & Options

Our consultative selling program is delivered virtually through interactive modules or a 2-day workshop. Participants are asked to complete pre-work prior to each workshop. Skills and techniques can be put into on-the job practice immediately for improved outcomes and team development.


Post-training support options include:


  • Management cadence support portal

  • Goal & action planning roadmap

  • Individual coaching of  the coach

  • Live meeting and interaction review

  • Live call interactive coaching blocks


Our training will empower managers with the knowledge and skills they need to substantially improve the communication cadence with their sales team resulting in an upward shift of your team’s motivation, productivity and accountability to results.


Communication is not what you say it is what others hear

Outcomes of Communication Excellence Training

Outcomes of Communication Excellence Training

The Exceptional Sales Coach

Develop Sales Leaders into strong coaches so they can help sellers sell more

Through coaching, managers can utilize in full, the mental capacity and emotional intelligence of their employees. For this reason, more and more organizations are interested in the development of a work culture that supports coaching.


The objective of this training program is to help the participants discover their coaching potential and to develop exceptional coaching habits and skills that will help sellers sell more. 


The Exceptional Sales Coach training program will enable the participants to:

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Establish a Coaching Foundation

Are you guiding or telling your sales people?

Mastering the skills for effective coaching is the fastest and most effective way to drive change and optimize individual and team potential. Learn the principles & mindset that are required to become a great sales coach and help others realize their potential. Understand and the three levels of listening and how to effectively apply them to expand you’re coaching capabilities resulting in higher motivation and team performance.


Road Map to Becoming an Exceptional Coach

Proactively set the stage and create an environment of trust to fully execute on tactical, strategic, formal and informal coaching opportunities. Understand how to prepare, pre-frame and tailor your approach. Have empowering conversations and interactions with each individual seller to encourage and reinforce the appropriate application of efforts and skills. Effective & consistent coaching will allow collaboration in reaching reach desired outcomes and mutual commitment to action.

Use Tools & Apply Techniques of Exceptional Coaches

Learn repeatable techniques and practical processes that will create a coaching cadence between sales leaders and sellers. Apply conversation framing tools that will be used every day in all types of coaching situations.

The Exceptional Sales Coach

Outcomes of the Exceptional Sales Coach Training

Outcomes of the Exceptional Sales Coach Training

Training Methods & Options

The Exceptional Sales Coach is a 2-day workshop. Participants are asked to complete pre-work prior to each workshop. Skills and techniques can be put into on-the job practice immediately for improved outcomes and team development.


Post-training support options include:


  • Individual coaching of the coach – Additional role plays & simulations

  • 360 Feedback  - Live call/listen in coaching sessions


Our training will provide you with almost immediate measurable sales momentum by improving the quality and frequency of your coaching interactions that will in turn lead to improvements of selling skills, activity, focus and motivation. Make coaching excellence a part of your sales DNA. 

Develop sales leaders as coached so they can help sellers sell more

Outcomes of the Exceptional Sales Coach Training

Peak Performance Sales Training Systems

Built from 33 years of experience as one of the GTA’s leading Management Training Companies

Design customization, concept layering, and post training reinforcements are central to our Peak Performance Training Model. Our experience and research have shown that there are 3 critical components to driving successful training outcomes.

Sales training is not an event it is a process. Each step in the process is designed to achieve maximum results. Training will encourage your employees to modify parts of their current behavior or habits. For sales training to be successful your sellers must be willing to embrace and try the skills they have learned in workshop(s). Therefore, the more practical or customized the training content and post-training reinforcement, the more consistent and effective a seller will be at applying it and achieving results.

Peak Performance - Learning Transfer System

Peak Performance, Learning Transfer System

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