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The day-to-day in the trench’s relationship between an employee and their manager could be the single most important factor for maximizing team and seller performance. To this end, developing strong managerial and coaching skills within sales leaders is paramount to achieving the 2-way trust and accountability that creates the foundation for the mutual sales success of seller and leader.

Our practical results driven management training programs are specifically designed to provide leaders with the skills & structure they require to establishing a framework for optimal communication, motivation and accountability.

Management Coaching & Training Programs

Give sales leaders the skills they require to lead high performing teams

Develop Leadership Communication Excellence

In order to thrive and grow employees need to have clear & consistent direction of what activities, behaviors and outcomes are expected of them and the supporting guidance of how they can be successful at achieving those activities and outcomes.

Our management training solutions will provide managers with practical and executable processes to:

  • Set expectations and motivation sellers to achieve outcomes

  • Develop and guide sellers through actively listen and feedback

  • Provide clear & consistent direction

  • Cooperatively guide progress against core skills and activities

  • Generated a consistent (and motivating) coaching cadence

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Reinforce a Sales Culture of Accountability

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Accountability is an integral success component for sales team members who aspire to maintain consistent morale and performance momentum. It improves rep retention and boosts the sales culture. When you have sales team accountability, your sales goals are more frequently met, individual & team productivity increases, and motivation becomes self-sustaining.


Build the leadership skills and structure to:

  • Focus on behavior that will lead to results

  • Increase self generated activities and actions

  • Reinforce early cycle activities to develop winning mindsets

  • Improve impact of coaching and training efforts

  • Increase trust through 2-way integrity

Motivate and coach for high performance

In addition to offering feedback and direction, sales leaders need to provide effective sales performance coaching to drive continuous skills improvement and optimize seller motivation. However, this is a difficult skill to master and requires specific sales coaching training and practice. While sales managers likely received sales training in their prior role as a rep, it takes a new set of knowledge and skills to successfully coach others.

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Develop great coaching skills to:

  • Coach and Motivate through a consistent communication framework.  

  • Provide support of expectations through honest and open feedback

  • Drive sellers development towards activities and behaviors

  • Lead  reps through self discovery conversations using powerful questions

  • Establish a guide mindset with active listening

Top sales leaders utilize consistent techniques to maximize coaching opportunities that focus on the right skills at the right time. Consistent coaching will drive improved seller performance that results in high sales momentum.

Peak Performance Sales Training Systems

Built from 33-years of experience as one of the GTA’s leading Management Training Companies

Design customization, concept layering, and post training reinforcements are central to our Peak Performance Training Model. Our experience and research has shown that there are 3 critical components to driving your successful training outcomes.

Peak Performance Learning Model

Sales training is not an event it is a process. Each step in the process helps you to achieve maximum results. Training will encourage your employees to modify parts of their current behavior or habits. For sales training to be successful your employees must be willing to embrace and try the skills they have learned in workshop(s). Therefore the more practical or customized the training content and post training reinforcement  the more consistent and effective a seller will be at applying it and achieving results.

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