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Developing Insights

Research Shows you Will Close More Deals

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To differentiate yourself in today modern selling arena you need to do more than just show up and ask the buyer or prospect big open-ended questions about what they already know and think they need.

Ten years of leading sales research has shown that consultative sellers utilizing an insight driven selling methodology are 3x more often to break through the status quo thinking and connect with buyers during the buyer/seller interaction.

Connect, Educate & Provide a Reason the Change

By using insights sellers can make better connections, create personal credibility and build more impactful relationships with buyers. Specifically, effective execution of insight driven conversations allows sellers to offer a perspective, educate buyers and persuasively provide a valid reason to switch from the status quo (your competition).

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Redefine Buyers Needs & Generate Demand

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Learn how sales (and marketing) can build and introduce impactful insights that make prospects rethink their current state requirements. Generating sales conversations to disrupt the status quo is a modern core competency of companies that want to outshine their competition; closes more deals and add momentum to their sales process.

It should also be noted that understanding and leading with insights engages prospects into business conversations and will assist sellers avoid leading with their solution before establishing a demand for change.  

Demonstrate Understanding and Connect with Prospects & Customers

Insights provide a medium and approach to tell a logical and resonating perspective that can engage the prospect or client on both the rational an emotional level. By introducing insights early in the discovery process you can focus and steer sales conversation towards your solution. Learn how using provocative drill down questions will engage prospects and demonstrate your understanding of their business requirements.

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Motivate Prospects to Take Action & Minimize Resistance to Change
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To take action prospects must be motivated. When executed effectively, sellers can change the buyer’s mindset and increase the urgency for prospects to take action. Learn how insights help us connect our ideas with the deeper inner brain and get through the outer brain which can be major barrier to change.

Areas of Interest for You

Extensive research shows that sales team deploying Insights during discovery will win methods will win more deals. 

Learn how using insight driven discovery techniques can break through the buyer’s status quo cognitive states; create unique value, differentiate yourself and provide buyers with a reason to change.

  • Introduction to Modern Consultative Selling – The Insight Paradigm  Shift

  • The Psychology of Insights -Creating a Reason to Change

  • How to Build Insights That Will Resonate with Prospects & Customers

  • Telling the Story (Getting the order right)

  • Using Provocative Drill Down Questions

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