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A successful remote selling method to help you connect and build rapport with clients. 

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Well That Was Awkward!!! 5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Sales Calls Less Uncomfortable

With the in-person interaction eliminated, there are some great modifications to our sales meeting opening that can be implemented to optimize situational rapport and engagement.

These will improve the execution and effectiveness of our meetings allowing us to keep and build sales momentum.

Within this white paper, Well That Was Awkward !!! 5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Sales Calls Less Uncomfortable we outline 5 best practices you can quickly implement to maximize engagement and improve sales outcomes when you are opening a virtual sales meeting.

These include:

  1. Establishing Intent Before the Meeting Begins

  2. Tightening up the Greeting Small Talk for Focused Customer Engagement

  3. Using a Powerful Funnel Question Technique to Personalize Your Opening

  4. Having a Clear Transition to the Business Discussion, Discovery or Presentation

  5. Empowering Through Mindset Positivity


Download now and improve your sales momentum.

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