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Sales Training Programs

Why our Training is focused on Increasing your Sales Momentum

Sales momentum is generated from the combined power of all the small actions & behaviors that need to happen regularly and with proficiency to create successful and consistent sales outcomes.

It has been our experience that companies and/or sales leaders who are consciously & deliberately focused on improving the execution of their sales momentum will outperform those that are not.

For this reason we have intentionally designed our training programs to provide you with simple and practical frameworks to assist with maximizing the actions & behaviours that will increase your sales momentum.

sales training programs, momentum selling

If you are looking to increase your team or company’s sales momentum then our sales programs our designed to help.



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Develops skills that generate higher first touch to meeting ratios adding more net new pipeline opportunities



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Momentum selling gives sales people a system that links value across the sales process increasing prospect engagement and action



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Momentum coaching leverages cadence & feedback to automate high performance behaviors and activities

Prospecting Momentum

sales training programs, prospecting momentum

Build winning processes and habits that can be implements and repeated during prospecting efforts. Learn techniques to help sellers continue the conversation after initial pushback to double your meeting conversion rate.

Provide your sellers with a mental formula that can be practices and reinforced with measurable results and coaching for more consistent prospecting activities.

Selling Momentum

Programs our designed around modern research that has shown that the better a seller becomes at each stage of the buyer/seller interaction, the greater their sales momentum will be at the next subsequent stage. As we gain momentum, we generate commitment and urgency from the buyer which in turn increases the probability that they will buy from us.

business people in meeting, momentum selling

Management Momentum

sales presentation, momentum selling

Our practical results driven management programs are designed to provide leaders with the skills & structure they require to establishing a framework for optimal communication, motivation and accountability

We have found that a clearly defined and executed sales management cadence is essential to the foundation of a high performance sales culture. It allows sales leaders to monitor and advance their sales team, create trust and accountability.

Our Sales Training System

Design customization, concept layering, and post training reinforcements are central to our Peak Performance Training Model. Our experience and research has shown that there are 3 critical components to driving your successful training outcomes.

Sales training is not an event it is a process. Each step in the process helps you to achieve maximum results. Training will encourage your employees to modify parts of their current behavior or habits. For sales training to be successful your employees must be willing to embrace and try the skills they have learned in workshop(s). Therefore the more practical or customized the training content and post training reinforcement  the more consistent and effective a seller will be at applying it and achieving results.

Peak Performance - Learning Transfer System

Peak Performance, Learning Transfer System

Tailor (To your Needs)

Optimizing the results of your training initiatives can be substantially improved through a customization or mapping process. Specifically, there are nuances to every company’s sales process, industry, and type of sales requirement. For example, are your training goals focused on business development and new logo conquest or growing wallet share of existing customer base? Are you selling industrial solutions, logistics services or SaaS Subscriptions?

We believe customer insights, role-plays, and behavior scenerios used during training should resonate with the team to generate credibility and practical (subconscious) acceptance.

hand holding a compass, momentum selling
man raising hand, momentum selling

Teach (For action)

The end game of training is to have the new concepts put into practice. Singular learning instances are often outdated as 75%-80% of content is lost if it is not practiced and reinforced for a minimum 2 months after training. Today’s learners need a journey from concept to practice that includes practical, more bite-sized workshops with theory that explains the “why” of customer behavior.

During training we recommend shorter workshops around one or two core modules supported with rapid-fire role-plays for immediate feedback and practical examples. Shorter workshops allow for interactive messaging between workshops to facilitate bended learning and best practices for increase on-the-job practice and effective sales coaching of the new skills.

Transfer (Making it Stick – On-the-Job)

Trying new techniques can feel a little uncomfortable at first…. But that’s okay.

According to the 70:30 rule for learning and development–70 percent of employee training should be experiential learning on-the-job. Front line coaching by sales management including timely planning, listening and feedback on-the-job is the bridge to get you through the uneasiness of trying new skills in the field until they become everyday standards.

Specifically, cognitive research on memory retention and subsequent practice of new skills has shown that regular active application of new concepts must occur to achieve transfer to long term memory and habit formation. Creation of a coaching culture with regular cadence, and supporting tools will greatly enhance training outcomes by:

hand, momentum selling
  • Keep training concepts in the mind of the employee until they stick

  • Ensure development on-the–job practice of training techniques through daily reinforcement 

  • Assist reps with situation fluency and adaptation

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