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Virtual Sales Training

Upgrade Your Sales to a Modern Consultative Selling Approach

Improve Selling Skills and Win More New Business by Using Modern Consultative Selling Techniques

Old school selling methods are losing their effectiveness leading many companies to upgrade their teams’ core selling skills to a more modern consultative selling approach. Our goal at momentum selling is to provide today’s high performance seller with the enhanced set of skills, tools, and techniques they need for engaging prospects and customers in collaborative, powerful & persuasive conversations that will result in more sales.

Engage Buyers and Generate Forward Momentum through Each Phase of the Sale

Our flagship sales training program is designed to help you establish credibility and opportunity momentum through effective execution of messaging that will resonate with your customers and prospects.

The consultative selling program explains the buyer/seller interaction across 5-critical stages per below. We then breakdown in detail the steps, technique and actions that are required at each stage to drive positive buyer’s decision outcomes and maximizing forward sales momentum across the deal.

The Opening - Connect &  Take Control

Top sales people build credibility from the get-go and expertly differentiate themselves as someone who could add value to the buyer’s world. We teach participants a compelling and repeatable “call opening structure” that establishes the momentum (flow) of the call and let others know (and agree to) where the conversation will be going. Learn how to eliminate the “winging it” approach and instead professionally transition your opening conversation from a great initial greeting to a business conversation focused on a relevant topic of interest to the buyer.

Man at a desk, momentum selling
Opening - Connect & Take Control

Demonstrate Understanding - Insight Driven Discovery Techniques

businessman, momentum sellig

Learn to develop and use business insights to demonstrate your understanding of a buyer’s world and educate them on a possible new way of thinking about their business and needs.

Framing your discovery conversations using business insight allows sellers to provide direction and steer the conversation towards a targeted valid reason for the prospect to change from the status quo. Buyer’s will develop an urgency arrived at mutually through interactive dialogue and communication.

Master using conversational drill down&provocative questions techniques to expand on unidentified needs. Use insights to teach the prospect a new way of viewing their current state requirements and needs.

Align & Collaborate

Participants learn to effectively use reframes (check-ins) during the communication process to confirm alignment and assure that the client is in mutual agreement with everything that has been conversed prior to proceeding with their solution.  This align-as-you-go process will allow sellers to collaboratively address gaps earlier in and the process and bring into focus the buyers needs that will then be to address with their solution.

businessmen, negotiation, momentum selling
Demonstrate Understanding
Align & Collaborate

Solution Mapping– Generate Value by Connecting the Pieces

puzzle, momentum selling

Master the timing and presentation of your solution such that it is optimally aligned to newly defined buyer needs that challenge the current state or status quo. Learn how to map and position your solution and provide a valid reason why the buyer should make a change. When executed effectively the techniques learned will generate both emotional and business motivation for the buyer to take next steps and drive the required momentum for the customer to buy.

Solution Steering

Reaching Agremement – Convince, Negotiate and Resolve Objections

Gaining final commitment both verbally and contractually is still a very critical skill set that all levels of sellers should review and sharpen regularly. Our momentum selling methodology is designed to generate urgency and reduce buyer hesitancy at the point of final decision. However, when the time does come sellers need to be highly prepared to ask for the business, respond to buyer questions, and finally negotiate & convince the buyer on a mutually beneficial and executable win-win outcome.

Group in suits shaking hands, momentum selling
Reaching Agreement

Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step towards driving change and improving your sales momentum

Training Methods & Options

Our Modern Consultative Selling program is delivered virtually through interactive modules or a 2-day workshop supported with live simulations and role-plays.

Content is first tailored to your team’s specific target market and process so that new skills and techniques can be put into on-the job practice quickly for increased sales results.

Post- training support options include:

  • Assessment, coaching and continuous Improvement tools

  • Additional Coach-the-Coach modules and field tools for Sales Leaders

  • The Exceptional Sales Coach virtual modules for leaders

  • eLearning and push reinforcement packages (SCORM compliant as required)

Outcomes of Momentum Sales Training

outcomes of momentum sales trainng

        Generate Buying Momentum across your Sales Process

Peak Performance Sales Training Systems

Built from 33 years of experience as one of the GTA’s leading Management Training Companies

Design customization, concept layering, and post training reinforcements are central to our Peak Performance Training Model. Our experience and research has shown that there are 3 critical components to driving your successful training outcomes.

Peak Performance - Learning Transfer System

Peak Performance, Learning Transfer System

Sales training is not an event it is a process. Each step in the process helps you to achieve maximum results. Training will encourage your employees to modify parts of their current behavior or habits. For sales training to be successful your employees must be willing to embrace and try the skills they have learned in workshop(s). Therefore the more practical or customized the training content and post training reinforcement  the more consistent and effective a seller will be at applying it and achieving results.

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